Virginia - Unique History

Travelers to the Commonwealth of Virginia ( will find a destination that is far and above one of the most beautiful, historically significant and gracious states in all of the nation. One of the first places on the continent to be settled, the Commonwealth is a proverbial historical gold mine that includes historic sites from colonial times, the civil war and from other important points in time. Indeed, when it comes to living history, people travel the world over to visit the sites and points of interest that illustrate the amazing, unique history of Virginia.

On the other hand, Virginia is home to one of the most vibrant and cosmopolitan metropolitan areas in the country. Northern Virginia, which has become far more than a bedroom community for the nation's capital, is awash in development and expansion. The corridor from Washington, D.C. through and including Dulles International Airport has come to rival the Silicone Valley in terms of the array of high-tech companies and enterprises that now call this region home.

Beyond history and business Virginia is a “sports person's paradise.” From hunting to camping to hiking the Commonwealth has some of the most spectacular parks and recreational areas on the Eastern Seaboard. Moreover, the beaches of Virginia – particularly at Virginia Beach ( and surrounding communities – have become some of the best beloved tourist destinations in the Northeastern United States.

Finally, Virginia is one of the most scenic and visually stunning locales in North America. From the Atlantic coastline to the Blue Ridge Mountains ( to the verdant pastures of the Shenandoah Valley (, the state is natural wonder. Indeed, the splendor that is Virginia is incomparable on so many different levels and will be a draw and an attraction for future generations to come.

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